Private detective: why does marriage lead to mistresses?

臺灣徵信社服務公司Women who tend to be mistresses always prefer things that are not accepted by mainstream society. She has a strong desire to show off, but at the same time does not want others to see through, she will be proud to play the secret role. She doesn’t worry too much about the consequences of her actions, just love for love’s sake and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. She did not like marriage, which is always accompanied by legal and social elements, as well as countless family chores, which make love become ordinary. I wish I could keep those wives from fretting too much. Private investigators emphasize that the best mistresses do not deliberately try to take their wives’ places. If a mistress is stupid enough to compete with the wife for the same man, it is usually the wife who wins. Nor, in my opinion, should wives become too dependent on their husbands — emotionally and theoretically — as much as their mistresses are dependent on their lovers. Wives and mistresses may go to war, but when they do, they are often separated against the unfortunate man. The reason why I became a mistress is better explained by the above mentioned independent side of people, and another reason has something to do with my childhood. At a young age, I stubbornly accepted the belief that love is won by virtue and cannot be sustained by some contract or guarantee. The role of the mistress fits the creed, but the role of the wife does not. Maybe that’s what I learned from my parents. I think my hatred 台灣法律諮詢徵信社of the two concepts of “marriage” and “family” was rooted in my childhood, when my parents were constantly in conflict and I couldn’t figure out which of them was the victim of this conflict. For me, jung’s words have always struck a chord: “often, parents’ unfulfilled wishes are transferred to their children, meaning that children often consciously try to make up for their parents’ past shortcomings in their own lives.” “Maintaining a co-existing relationship requires more courage than living alone, because there is always the possibility of betrayal when two people live together,” says karotenout. I think it takes as much courage to live with two people as it does to live alone. To be a mistress means a constant struggle with oneself — between the desire for one’s own rights and the enjoyment of complete freedom, and the desire to love and be exclusively owned by a man. Having a husband means giving your all to the second wish, and being celibate means only fulfilling the first. For very few women, having a married man as a lover is the perfect compromise. Mistresses always think twice before acting. She must never ask for or criticize him — and if she did, he would say, “how are you like my wife?” This means the relationship will end. What the mistress has to do, to give the lover endless support, is always his refuge, so that he can escape from the bad state of marriage. Dumas Jr. has a famous saying: “the chain of marriage is so heavy that it takes two to bear it, and somtaiwan detective台灣徵信社etimes three to share it. Indeed, what I noticed in my lover was the need to maintain the triangle: not only did he need the mistress to keep the marriage alive, but the relationship needed a good pause to keep the affair hot. If the mistress belittled the relationship between the lover and his wife, she made a big mistake. Generally speaking, a husband will complain to his mistress about how bad his wife is, and the mistress will feel that he has told her everything and not confessed at all. But when mistresses and wives fight for “power” over a man, it is usually the wife who wins. But what annoys mistresses most is that most wives do not cherish what they get. A sense of security leads a wife to neglect her husband and take everything he does for granted. My basic position is that I am an independent woman and my sense of security comes from within. This is true for everyone, but many people are reluctant to admit it. The secular view of marriage even covers people’s eyes, making people mistakenly believe that the so-called security is actually set up in another person, and by law or some other noble contract to guarantee. On the other hand, no matter how determined a person is to keep his or her wedding vows, it’s hard to live and die with his or her spouse. In a love without contract, whenever the lover shows some boredom with me, I begin to worry about whether our relationship is going downhill. I don’t think wives are so sensitive to such subtle emotional changes. What amtaiwan private detective台灣徵信社 I talking about when I say “I love you” to my lover? It meant that being with him made me feel that my life was richer and fuller than it had been without him. It also means that I respect him as an individual and give him his full freedom — that is, he doesn’t have to be with me. “I love you” means that I appreciate his qualities, that I accept him as he is — as he is, without embellishing — as he is, and as he is, as he is, as he is. Assuming I “wish him all the best,” that means I also “wish your family all the best,” “your kids all the best” — and further, “the I love you family, because they’re part of you.” The logical conclusion: “if our relationship threatened your domestic happiness, I would leave you.” This is easier said than done. Of course, the mistress will always convince herself that an affair is good for the lover and, in turn, for his family. When the lover answered me “I love you, too” time, I must not think of this sentence as he only love me, and we will come to a magical land because of love, where everything in the past has no impact on our usual, the wife will be famous to disappear, the children can also take care of themselves. Assuming he doesn’t answer at all, I can’t force him to, because true love means that a person has the right to choose whether to answer or not. Love is not an easy thing to do, being a mistress can make you really learn how to love. The private detective concluded with absolute certainty that all it took was a marriage to hprivate detectives台灣徵信社ave a mistress.

Husband hotel wrong room by strange female kick private parts?

最接近理想去中心化的公有鏈(Public Blockchain)Husband hotel wrong room by strange female kick private parts? The familiar scream from the next room into my ears, my heart suddenly surprised, how this sound like junzi, I opened the door, like an arrow rushed into the next room. I was stunned. Don’t know what to do. Handsome son pale face, hands wu crotch, between the fingers have been soaked silk blood. Wailing in pain… After the event, this makes me nervous scene, like a movie like memories in my eyes, a long time can not rest assured. Junko is my husband’s nickname, we are all after 90 sweet little couple. Because handsome son is to do business manager in the company, often have to go out on business, leave me alone at home, this makes husband’s psychology feel very sorry. That day handsome son in the left near the city to call me, meekly said to me: wife, you now drive over good, you find a hotel I busy over to find you. After putting down the phone, I set off at once and took a bus for an hour to the neighboring city. I checked into a hotel. The room that I open is comparable cheap, admittedly some crude, but my mood is special sweet and beautiful, because the husband is on a business trip of time also can think to take me in 以太坊(Ethereum)、以太幣與 DAppthe side, this proved the husband all my love is lifelike. Junko sends me a message every two hours. I knew he was afraid I’d get bored in a hotel alone. I wanted to walk in alone, but I was afraid junzi suddenly came back and couldn’t find me. I kept waiting in my hotel room for junko. Until about 7 o ‘clock in the evening, handsome son call apologetically let me go downstairs to eat some, he will accompany the customer after dinner to come back. As for my husband, the customer is his god. Without god, he lost the capital to earn money to support me. Therefore, I understand and understand junzi very well. Although dinner is eaten alone, there is still a deep sense of happiness in the heart. This kind of feeling is come oneself at the husband to my sympathy. Due to the mood impulse, I just to the snack bar at random to eat belly back to the room waiting for my husband. I got out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, lying on the bed, watching TV and waiting for my husband. Time one minute one second of the past, the night once deep, the husband did not come to the phone, also did not send information, I am a little anxious, from the bed to sit up. Is not the husband drink much, I know the 什麼是 ICO(首次貨幣發行)?ground to put on the clothes, anxious to be distracted. At this time, the next door suddenly spread the screams of a man, I quickly put on clothes, this voice is familiar, my mind quickly flashed an ominous idea, jumpstart rushed in, the next room opened the door, I through the door, a glance to see the figure of handsome son. I walked over with trepidation. Be frightened and change color ground to stand there, see handsome son face pale, both hands wu crotch ministry, curl on the floor, between the fingers already soaked filar silk blood. And wailed with pain. Standing beside him was a woman in her mid-20s, dressed in pajamas, who was pointing at my husband and swearing: “son of a bitch. Believe it or not, I will kill your children!” I came forward to help up handsome son, hurried to call an ambulance, the husband to the hospital. The doctor told me that my husband’s lower body had been kicked and needed stitches. After my husband was pushed out of the operating room, the doctor told me to stay in hospital for several days. Looking at the husband lying on the bed very distressed. Private detective, heal him. I can understand how he felt. According to the husband said, that day, he acco什麼是工作量證明(PoW)?mpanied the customer to drink wine, in the state of half drunk half awake, thin li muddled into the next room, he has been lying in bed for the woman is me, quietly rushed up, hug and kiss the family. I didn’t think I was in the wrong room. What’s more, the woman had just finished quarrelling with her husband. She was very upset. That’s why she did this to my husband. If it were anything else, I would not let my husband suffer such a dumb loss. However, after all, the husband took the others cheap, and it is not a glorious thing, so he admitted bad luck, when an experience. After a few days of hospitalization, the doctor said that her husband was able to discharge from the hospital, at home to pay attention to remaining some time is nothing important, will not have too much impact. It was originally a wonderful tryst, but it turned out to be a self-defeating affair. However, after the wind and waves, I suddenly felt very happy. It must be rare for a husband and wife to have such a comfortable life. Most parts are lover or small three what, just go to the hotel steal huan, and the husband to see me, the mood is so urgent, how can I not move it. I hope my husband will recover soon. Contin礦工賺錢術 - PoS 跟 PoW 有什麼差別?ue our happy life.

Talking to a private detective about my marriage

金門徵信社推薦My husband and I are both from public institutions. When we got married, his family was too poor and had nothing. The house was also rented. Tell private detective next, my husband is a very simple person, also integrity, think the child of poor family should be very sensible, can rely on, so did not feel what. Later had a child, sit a month son to do of too suffocate qu, because have no house, live mother-in-law home, the result also tells his mother to say ahead of time go back (the child is born in winter), let prepare prepare. When I got home, I found that the room she was going to let me live in had been vacant for a long time. It was used as a storage room, and there was no kang burning at all. All right, I waited for her to burn in another room. Then I had to go to another house. Confined in hungry ah, my mother-in-law lazy, eat breakfast at ten o ‘clock, the lunch was not to be, I can’t at home, fool, the husband go to work during the day is not come back at noon, I took my children, children eat my milk, she only give me to eat noodles, is water, not dozen of halogen, the results of my meals without oil and water and children a month one or two a month is not long, I bring your own things (the time early, necessities and institution also points not now) is the two of us goodies for Chinese New Year all d女子徵信社on’t give me to eat, say, waiting for something to eat in the home, have children I said not? At that time really don’t understand, later know, when my daughter is three years old, his grandfather’s birthday to eat or I had to give me the thing sitting month son! His family is not to drink boiled water, (his parents are farmers in the countryside, my parents is a worker, I grew up in cities, I never drink to living water), to milk the child again put my thirst, once I go looking, and found a tiny kitchen cucumber, also dare not eat, break down to 2 ㎝, just on the mouth, happened to see, her mother said, can not steal to eat, I get back. Tell my husband I eat 婦幼徵信社BLOGof not line, at that time the husband return line, evening took a shrimp (I take home is four jin) cut into several sections, put an egg to do a bowl of soup, give me. The result mother-in-law is in the kitchen blame mulberry scold a scold. It was still cold in the first month, I was a caesarean section, the second day after the baby’s first month, the mother-in-law would not help the child diapers, also not allowed to wash at home, I had to wash in the river, the river is cold, finally washed I can’t stand up, it was not easy to stand up ah. I put up with all the grievances and felt that having a child was something to look forward to. Who knew this was just女子國際徵信 the beginning.

The wife didn’t want to get involved with him, but the man still wanted to blackmail her

花蓮徵信社推薦My wife has been having an affair for several months. She is the one who confesses to me! The wife didn’t want to entwine with him, but the man still wanted to blackmail her together. They’ve been having an affair for three months. I always trusted her and never thought she would betray me. Private detective, she and I say of time I all frighten petrified, that man unexpectedly is my brother-in-law! Because the man looks so honest! I can’t believe it! I’m sure my wife still loves me! I love her, too. She’s begging for my forgiveness. I love the people hurt me too deep! We’ve been going strong for three years. How could this be? We have a two-year-old baby, and our parents take it for us. We run two clothing stores. I am in the city and she is at home. My that brother-in-law often comes to my wife’s shop, I basically did not expect them to be able to get together, more do not believe my wife can betray me! I have no time to work in the daytime with my wife, who is 8 years younger than me. Every time I come in for stock they… ! The wife unexpectedly and my brother-in-law make my house, sleep on my bed! She told me that her brother-in-law came to my house to look for her! But it takes two to tango! I know my wife confesses to me in some detail. She’s wrong too I know why! I have not been at home till now any one said! I also do not want this broken, do not want to let more people know! You know what? How painful it is to hold back the pain and not be able to complain! I really can’t figure it out! Shame, shame! I keep trying to get rid of that man! Is it worth it? I feel so ashamed. I don’t want to go home now. Every time I think about that man sleeping in my bed I go nuts! Because my relatives didn’t want to be known, so I didn’t dare to make a big noise. I didn’t hit her because I loved her! I now many aspects can not understand: 1, why would betray me! 2. Why did he come to my bed with my brother-in-law? 3. Am I worse than a man like that? I wonder why she betrayed me! My brother-in-law is more than half her age. Am I not as good as him? The wife say is not, that exactly is why. I had thought about suicide, but I knew it wasn’t worth it! Good pain, no one can say, fast to death. Can you inform me that my wife will have an affair? Why did she betray me? Can she really turn back? Good friend, the following is your focus on a few questions private detective reply you: 1, why did you betray me! Why does your wife betray you? First of all, she is not willing to be lonely. Your life status determines that your relationship will be in crisis sooner or later. In close together time has a few, you take the initiative to care for my wife? Admittedly busy is not wrong, but husband and wife go together for what, be busy all day make money namely, everyday you want 10 o ‘clock ability to come back only, after coming back likelihood lay head to sleep, still have a few to belong to you alone illicit close time, can husband and wife life get the least assurance? These are the problems. Why did you and my brother-in-law come to my bed?” Because your brother-in-law has more time to stick to your wife, more time to spend with her, and you don’t, that’s the answer. You put more time into your work. If a woman marries a man, don’t you think he’s miserable if she can’t be w澎湖徵信社推薦ith him every day? In addition, and my family steal xing your wife may feel more peaceful, the so-called near water platform first month, not flow of fertilizer water alien field wonderful psychological work. 3. Am I worse than a man like that? I wonder why she betrayed me! My brother-in-law is more than half her age. Am I not as good as him? The wife say is not, that exactly is why?” You are not inferior to your brother-in-law, so that you are more victorious than your brother-in-law, younger, but you are short of your brother-in-law’s enthusiasm to your wife, put it bluntly is lack of care, the woman is the need to love, can not stand to be neglected. 4, thus, you want to win back the heart of the wife, you have to her on the snack, don’t just put the scheming on the operation shop, you put scheming on the things outside the wife, then your wife is very easy to put scheming on other men. If initiative you are busy do not come over, close an inn or change come in, husband and wife opens an inn to be not able to? How much money is more, husband and wife often together, love each other is the筆跡鑑定BLOG most important.

Foshan detective company cracked 12 cases in half a year

www.daaidetective.comAt 11:00 am on the 23rd, the press conference of foshan economic investigation detachment was filled with a lot of seized and sold fake products, including clothes, auto parts and many fake cigarettes. The reporter sees in the spot, bogus “dream special jiao”, “jin lilai” wait for famous brand trademark clothing to hang a tag, far a look and really do not have what difference. Many kinds of cigarettes stand out. One of the most expensive yellow crane tower is worth 2,800 yuan, and nanjing’s 95 emperor is also worth 1,200 yuan. “Foshan has developed commerce and fast logistics transfer. Many criminals take advantage of this to transfer these fake products in foshan.” 合法徵信社Yang, deputy leader of the economic investigation detachment of the foshan public security bureau, said, “the fake cigarettes and the fake ‘kangwei’ sneakers that were recently seized by the police are not produced in foshan, but they are transited through foshan and face all parts of the pearl river delta.” The seizure of a batch of counterfeit cigarettes on March 10 was also part of a logistics transit case. The cigarettes were seized in shunde. On the same day, the police received a tobacco monopoly bureau shunde provide clues, said a client in shenyang shunde chencun, a logistics company will from shenyang dispatched a batch of goods to the guangzhou baiyun district and town in places such as customers, found in shenyang chencun logistics warehouse transfer when shipping the goods by the customer is a cigarette, shunde, tobacco monopoly bureau examination confirmed that the goods are all counterfeit cigarettes. The economic investigation department of shunde public security immediately dispatched police to investigate the case. On the afternoon of the same day, handling the case police arrested the suspect zhang mouchun, on the spot seized a batch of counterfeit cigarettes. According to the inventory, most of the cigarettes involved were “zhonghua” brand cigarettes, and there were also “baisha”, “panda”, “nanjing” and other 什麼是徵信工作brands. There were 3,367 cigarettes, involving nearly 2 million yuan. Since October last year, foshan police have carried out a special campaign against crimes of infringing intellectual property rights and producing and selling fake or substandard products, according to the foshan police. The campaign focuses on crimes such as copyright, trademark, patent and new plant variety rights infringement. Over the past five months, the operation has seen a concerted effort by various police departments to crack down on crimes of infringing intellectual property rights and producing and selling fake or substandard goods, and a number of cases with relatively high case values徵信團隊介紹推薦 have been solved.

If the man has mistress, how should obtain evidence?

private detectives台灣徵信社Client: hello, lawyer hu, I find my husband has been acting a little strange recently. He feels like a third party. How can I get a divorce? What’s more, I have paid a lot for this family. Do I ask for compensation from him, such as mental injury, physical health, financial loss and private detectives台灣徵信社so on? I want to win the divorce case, but I haven’t got anywhere yet. I want to consult. Please give me some advice. Lawyer hu of legal adviser of Paul company: hello, negotiate not to be able to, you can Sue a divorce to ask to divide common property after marriage to the court. Getaiwan private detective台灣徵信社nerally, the joint property shall be equally distributed after marriage, but if there is evidence of any of the following circumstances leading to divorce, the no-fault party shall have the right to claim damages: (1) bigamy; (2) cohabitation of a married person with any other persontaiwan private detective徵信社; (3) committing domestic violence; Maltreatment or desertion of a family member. It is recommended that you appoint a lawyer as soon as possible to help safeguard your maximum legal rights and interests, in order to reduce your legal risks and financial losses, so as not to miss theprivate detective agency徵信社 best opportunity.

每年500個新的潛在客戶每年有500個新的潛在客戶,2017年5月22日 StaffMarketing“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> Share您的流程服務或私人調查業務每年可能獲得500個新的潛在客戶嗎?的確可以,並且不必花大筆的錢就可以了。營銷和銷售:通過適度的時間投入和具體的行動計劃,您可以輕鬆地列出潛在客戶列表,以轉換為付費客戶。公式確定您的潛在客戶是誰,並專門針對他們。介紹您自己和您的業務。給您的潛在客戶發電子郵件。在您的潛在客戶收到您的來信之後,跟進他們。介紹信獲得潛在潛在客戶的最佳方法之一是寫電子郵件或介紹信。介紹您和您的業務的好方法,因為它可以讓您以合乎邏輯但友好的方式說出您想要的一切,您可以快速概述自己的工作,然後繼續前進為什麼客戶可能希望將其流程服務或私人調查需求委託給您。您可以聘請作家為您寫信,但也可以自己嘗試。您可能會發現它比您最初想像的要簡單得多。首先用幾句話概述您的業務和最佳技能。您想以一種可以告訴潛在客戶他們絕對必須知道的一切的方式開始您的來信,因為您的許多讀者將不再閱讀。如果您已經獲得獎項或被《財富》 500強公司或當地主要律師事務所委託,請在介紹性段落中指出這一點。一旦您囊括了最大的成就或最令人印象深刻的證書,則需要撰寫正文您信件的段落。如果願意,您可以添加一段或某人為什麼要雇用您的項目符號列表。您將需要提供有關您的公司和您的憑據的詳細信息。盡可能使用積極的措辭。您的最後一段應該是號召性用語。告訴他們您將在下週跟進電話以討論他們當前的調查和/或過程服務需求,但是如果他們想與您聯繫以徵信社 推薦獲取更多信息,請盡快與您聯繫。請在以下位置再次提供聯繫信息結束。然後,大聲朗讀您的信。聽起來專業且寫得好嗎?如果不是,請返回並對其進行更改,直到聽起來很動聽為止。另外,請確保電子郵件或信件簡短,以便他們快速獲取所需的所有信息。重要信息-確保電子郵件或信件中的所有元素都具有匹配的徽標,字體等。此處的目標是介紹您的業務和刻畫一個專業的品牌/形象。在這裡,您可以根據您的業務需求更改以下示例信函:下載:示例簡介向客戶提供獨特的服務。現在,您應該開始確定潛在的潛在客戶所在的位置。為了獲得一些好的線索,請從您已經知道的內容開始。查看您當前的客戶。他們中有許多人來自同一地理區域嗎?他們中有許多人來自同一行業或同一規模的企業嗎?哪些客戶為您帶來最多的業務?例如,如果您發現您的許多客戶是附近城市的中型律師事務所,那麼您可能希望針對同一位置的其他律師事務所。這類客戶已經為您服務,因此類似的客戶也可能會發現您的服務也很有用。有多種方法可以在特定位置查找相似的企業-黃頁,在線搜索,甚至可以從InfoUSA等公司購買這些列表。您可能會發現潛在客戶的其他地方包括小型企業的活動,您所在城市的商會,本地企業目錄和客戶推薦。理想情況下,您應該計劃每週發送盡可能多的電子郵件,以便跟進。對於你們中的某些人來說,這個數字可能是五個,對於另一些人來說,那個數字可能是25。將其放入一周的工作清單中。重要的是設定一個可以為您的公司實現的目標。如果您是小型企業,則該目標可能是每年100個新潛在客戶。如果您是一家擁有更多基礎架構的大公司,那麼目標可能是500個以上。您可以無限期地繼續與潛在客戶聯繫。但是,如果您想要更多的業務,則必須將潛在客戶轉化為付費客戶。您需要每週留出一小時的時間來跟進至少十個新的潛在客戶。這將有助於刷新有關您的服務的潛在客戶,並向他們表明您對幫助他們的態度是認真的。

PI Blotter:在加勒比地區逮捕的加拿大私人調查員

宜蘭徵信社推薦PI墨客:加拿大私人偵探在加勒比海被捕2012年9月8日,由PInow StaffIn the News“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> ShareEachweek PInow會在網上蒐集最新和最有趣的行業新聞報導,為您帶來每週的私人調查員故事。私人調查員在烏克蘭獲得成功烏克蘭–私人調查員在烏克蘭烏克蘭說,他們是因各種情況而被錄用的,其中最流行的是背景調查,尤其是對在網上認識的人的調查,就像世界其他地方一樣,這裡的專業人員也依賴社交網絡獲取信息和數據庫。貨源的價格大約為2400烏克蘭格里夫納(300美元),商業案例的起價為8000烏克蘭格里夫納(1000美元),儘管費用可能因情況而異。在烏克蘭,通常只有富有的人聘請私人調查員。該國的調查人員已經提交了一項法案草案,該草案將為私人調查活動制定立法。有關行業的信息,這將阻止私人調查人員與當局合作。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。私人調查員課程始於伊利諾伊州埃爾金市–麥克亨利縣立大學從今年秋天開始開設私人調查課程。該課程將由擁有28年行業經驗的伊利諾伊州私人調查員Edward Herdrich教授。 Herdrich專注於刑事辯護案件,背景調查,家庭案件和證人所在地。除了在麥克亨利縣學院(McHenry County College)開設課程外,他還在埃爾金社區學院(Elgin Community College)和哈珀學院(Harper College)任教。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。關於英國前議員聘用的私人調查員的問題–一群來自Holbeach的前教區議員對他們僱用私人調查員的指控作出了回應。該組織被指控僱用私人調查員檢查議台東徵信社推薦會辦公室是否擺放了聽音設備,但該組織否認只有兩名前議員是唯一負責僱用私人調查員的人。在有關一次私人理事會會議的細節公佈後,Morcliff Securities支付了1,185英鎊用於檢查收聽設備。找不到設備。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。欺詐者私人調查員被抓到加拿大–一對私人調查員的夫妻在加勒比被捕,他們可能會面臨欺詐商業客戶的指控。加拿大人庫倫·約翰遜(Cullen Johnson)和伊萊恩·懷特(Elaine White)曾作為法務會計師和私家偵探,據稱他們偽造並出售了銀行記錄,似乎證明有人積蓄了離岸資金。在這種情況下,這對夫婦可能會利用虛假信息使朋友和配偶互相反對,這將導致懷特和約翰遜被要求進一步調查案件。這對夫婦在2009年對他們的指控無罪後逃離了加拿大。加拿大當局希望這對夫婦回到加拿大面對指控。他們目前在特克斯和凱科斯被關押,等待聽證。要閱讀全文, CFPB尋求私人調查人員華盛頓特區–消費者金融保護局(CFPB)剛剛成立,並且已經在招聘具有監視經驗的私人調查人員。該組織希望除其他外,調查可能冒充金融服務客戶的私人調查員。國會抱怨後,去年衛生和公共服務部的一項類似計劃被取消。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。私人調查員幫助追訴親權請求加拿大-喬治·德賴登(George Dryden)花了近兩年的時間來證明加拿大政治家約翰·迪芬貝克(John Diefenbaker)是他的父親。他曾與一名私家偵探合作,後者設法獲得了帶有耳垢的棉籤。該物質已被送到DNA測試公司Accu-Metrics。該公司的結論是存在“遺傳重疊”。DNA結果不是很確定-暗示Dryden可能是一個遙遠的親戚-但Dryden仍然堅信他與Diefenbaker有關係。 Dryden的家人否認了Dryden是Diefenbaker的兒子的可能性。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。有關更多私人偵探的新聞摘要,警民徵信社BLOG請單擊此處以查看最新新聞檔案。

贏取The Voice 2小時季節大結局的免費門票

徵信社服務項目贏取The Voice的2小時季節大結局的免費門票4月21日,byPInow Staff“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> SharePrivate研究人員可以贏得Voice 2季現場大結局的免費門票PInow.com將贈送2張Voice 2季現場大結局的免費門票。要進入門票,包括機票和在洛杉磯一家酒店住兩晚,請訪問PInow.com官方Facebook粉絲專頁,一定要喜歡該頁面才能參加比賽。該節目以來自全國各地歌手的盲目試鏡為特色,該節目的四名評委分別是Maroon 5,Adam Levine,克警民徵信社BLOG里斯蒂娜·阿奎萊拉(Christina Aguilera),Blake Shelton和Cee Lo Green。總決賽特別優惠,每位教練將派出最好的歌手到舞台上表演,以有機會獲勝。大獎詳情優勝者門票和一(1)位遊客參加NBC現場直播兩小時的總決賽五月星期二2012年8月8日,在加利福尼亞州伯班克的華納兄弟工作室,由贊助商自行決定在洛杉磯或伯班克酒店住兩(2)晚(單人間/雙人入住),往返機票(教練艙)大獎獲得者和一(1)名訪客(由贊助商確定)從方便到達獲獎者家的機場到加利福尼亞州洛杉磯。近似零售價(“ ARV”):$ 2,000.00。有資格獲得獎勵只有居住在美國的18歲以下人士才能參加。抽獎活動開始時間:2012年4月26日,上午12:00(MDT);抽獎活動結束,2012年5月4日徵信社案例,@ 11:上午59點(MDT)